Woman goes to work, gets swallowed whole by 22-foot python

When Jahrah, 54, left her home for work as a tree tapper on an Indonesian rubber plantation on Sunday morning, a

it was the last time her family would see her alive. 

When Jahrah failed to return home that afternoon, her husband sounded the alarm and went out to find her. 

The first sign that something was wrong was his discovery of his missing wife’s sandals, jacket, headscarf and knife on the forest floor. 

The second sign was a heavily bloated snake, encountered by a search party looking for Jahrah the following morning. 

“During the search the team found a giant python,  

measuring 7 meters [22 feet] in length, which we suspected had preyed on the victim,”  

the local police later said in a statement, which had referred to the victim simply as “Jahrah,” 

in line with the Indonesian custom of going by just one name. “The team captured the snake.”