Why Brandon Graham ‘prayed for a team like this’

n his 13 years in Philly, Brandon Graham has experienced all the highs and lows the NFL has to offer and he’s seen very different teams come and go. 

“I prayed for a team like this,” Graham said on Wednesday. “I ain’t going to lie. 

I’m just trying to enjoy the moment, enjoy this, enjoy y’all. It goes by fast.” 

When asked what he meant by saying he prayed for a team like this, 

Graham explained that he dreams about having a team that’s playing together while doing something special. 

Graham, 34, said the Super Bowl season in 2017 snuck up on him because there weren’t very high expectations for that team and we all know what it went through during that season.  

But he didn’t cherish every moment of that season the way he’s trying to with this 2022 campaign, especially after the 6-0 start. 

“We kind of got that similar chemistry going on right now,” Graham said, “and I just want to stay in the moment instead of keep looking ahead. 

We don’t know what the future holds.