Users report receiving real payout in TikTok data privacy settlement  

In the small hours of Thursday, October 27, 2022, numerous TikTok users took to Twitter to report having received an email regarding an approved real data privacy settlement

The figure most users claim to have received is $27.84, although some say they have received a larger amount. 

Naturally, people are suspicious of emails promising them funds.

Many have aired their thoughts on Twitter, seeking confirmation that the TikTok data privacy settlement is real and that the email they have received is legitimate. 

The Focus and GRV Media have reached out to TikTok for comments on the payouts. 

Yes, in the sense that the settlement itself exists, it is entirely real. 

In February 2021, ByteDance, the company that owns the social media app TikTok, 

agreed to a $92 million class-action settlement to settle data privacy claims from some US users of the site, NBC News reported at the time. 

NBC cited documents filed at a US district court in Illinois.