Australian Man Fends Off Horrifying Crocodile Attack with a Knife

Two tourist industry workers in western Australia survived a terrifying ordeal with a crocodile on October 17 after it attacked them while they were crabbing in a local creek. 

The 10-foot reptile launched itself onto the men’s fishing vessel and grabbed one of them before the other man used a knife to fight it off. 

Both men were flown to a nearby hospital for evaluation and treatment, 

where they were said to be in stable condition after suffering minor injuries. 

“A croc leapt out and grabbed one of them by the head," 

a man who claimed to be the father of a friend of one of the victims told 6PR News Talk. 

His mate was in a tinnie with him, quick thinker, grabbed a knife and stabbed this croc in the head.” 

The two men were crew members of a tour operator but were off duty at the time of the incident. 

Officials from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation, and Attractions said that this wasn't the first case of its kind in the area.