Pete Maravich’s 35-Foot Hook Shot Had the Opposing Team Carrying Him in Celebration

Pete Maravich had some big games and wild moments during his illustrious college basketball career.

At LSU, he scored a career-high 69 points in a 106-104 loss to Alabama. He had 66 against Tulane. 

The man they called “Pistol Pete” was one of the most exciting players in college history. 

In one game against Georgia, Maravich finished with 58 points in LSU’s 90-80 overtime victory. 

As the clock wound down, Maravich launched a 35-foot hook shot and walked off the court. 

The ball swished through the net, and suddenly Maravich was carried around the court by Georgia cheerleaders and fans. 

It didn’t matter what team you were rooting for. When Maravich was on the court, you couldn’t help but pull for him. He was a showman. 

He was exciting. Maravich always seemed to steal the show. 

“The way basketball was in the 1960s in the SEC, it was full houses when he played,