NASCAR World Reacts To Joe Gibbs Unhappy New

Ty Gibbs has received a ton of heat over the past few days for wrecking teammate Brandon Jones en route to winning Saturday's race at Martinsville Speedway. 

Hall of Fame football coach Joe Gibbs commented on his grandson knocking out Jones in a race that he needed to win. 

Gibbs claims his family is helping Ty Gibbs deal with the consequences of his actions. 

"We want to go about this the right way, and we are walking --I am and our family is -- with Ty as he walks through all of this," Gibbs said.  

"When tough things happen, and certainly nobody wanted that to happen, I said, now there’s consequences, and so we’re trying to walk through those with him. 

I was also there, and so I think a lot about that, too. There’s things that I could have done a better job of.”

Unsurprisingly, the NASCAR world believes Gibbs is wrong for driving right into the back of Jones' car.   

"I love Joe Gibbs as a person," one person said. "I literally cannot stand his grandson. He’s a pathetic dirt bag who is getting everything handed to him and I hope that @NASCAR let’s the consequences play out the way they NEED to. He’s burned every bridge and he doesn’t deserve to be called champ."

"The man is an adult, and you're talking about this like you're putting a 4 year old in timeout and having to explain to him why," another person wrote. "If he doesn't understand why dumping a guy for a win is wrong, maybe you missed some vital lessons while teaching him to tweet bible verses."

"Lip service from Ty Gibbs Racing," a third person tweeted. "Pull the sponsorship." Coy Gibbs, the vice chairman of Joe Gibbs Racing, said his son needs to "pull back" his aggression at times. 

If Jones won this past Saturday's event, Joe Gibbs Racing would've had two cars in the Xfinity title race. They have Gibbs to blame for that.