14-foot-long Burmese Python caught in Collier County

A homeowner in Lely reported seeing the snake Wednesday night and deputies from Jacksonville are in town helping the Collier 

County Sheriff’s Office with Hurricane Ian’s response helped capture the serpent. 

Bob Bramblet who works as a contractor to remove invasive species said deputies likely would not have had this experience unless they were here. 

“I don’t think they probably run across something like that where they come from. 

In fall as we go into the winter time you’re going to see less of them you’ll see them mostly in the early morning you 

know trying to come out and find some sun to warm up or maybe in the late evening,  

or early evening, I’m sorry, coming out to the road to get some warmth but in the summertime,  

you see them all day long,” Bramblet said. 

Bramblet said his son also works as a contractor for the state. 

About a month ago they caught a 15-foot-long python in East Naples.