Top 9 Best AI Music Generators Free

Top 9 Best AI Music Generators Free: Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly finding applications in artistic fields such as music, film, and other art forms. Its implementation has the potential to impact all aspects of music creation, including music generation, audio mastering, and music streaming.

One exciting opportunity provided by AI is its ability to offer amateur musicians an innovative way to enhance their creative process. In the music industry, AI is commonly used as a supplementary tool, complementing human artists rather than replacing them.

Experts, researchers, musicians, and record labels are actively exploring ways to integrate AI technologies into music production. Some software can generate compositions in the style of different composers, while others employ machine learning algorithms to create entirely new songs and sounds.

An additional benefit of these AI music tools is that many of them are open-source, allowing anyone to access and contribute to the ongoing development of these technologies, fostering continuous improvement and advancement.

Let’s now explore some of the top AI music generators currently available in the market.

1. AI Music Generators Amper Music

At the forefront of our list of exceptional AI music generators is Amper Music, renowned for its user-friendly interface and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for beginners venturing into AI-generated music.

Amper Music eliminates the need for in-depth knowledge of music theory or composition, as it constructs musical tracks from pre-recorded samples. These samples are then transformed into authentic audio, which can be further customized using music keys, tempo adjustments, individual instruments, and more. For instance, you have the ability to fine-tune each instrument to align with the desired mood or atmosphere you seek to achieve.

The cloud-based platform offered by Amper Music is particularly suitable for content creators and individuals involved in developing soundtracks and audio elements for games, movies, or podcasts. With the premium edition, users gain access to additional features that further complement their role as artists, enhancing their creative options.

Amper Music stands out as a user-friendly AI music generator, enabling users to effortlessly create customized tracks without requiring extensive music knowledge. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive customization capabilities make it a versatile tool for various applications in the creative industry.

Here are some of the main advantages of Amper Music: 

  • Quickly create music for a wide range of applications (podcasts, movies, and video games)
  • Millions of samples and many varieties of instruments
  • Tools for improving music production
  • Cloud-based platform

2. AI Music Generators AIVA

AIVA, a remarkable AI music generator that has garnered considerable attention since its development in 2016, continues to impress. This AI is continuously refined to compose soundtracks for diverse applications, including advertisements, video games, movies, and more.

AIVA made its initial debut with the publication of “Opus 1 for Piano Solo” and has since released an album and composed music for video games. This versatile tool empowers users to create original music from scratch and effortlessly produce variations of existing songs, all while circumventing the complexities of music licensing processes.

With AIVA, users can easily generate music in a wide range of genres and styles. By selecting a preset style, users can initiate the music generation process. Additionally, AIVA can be utilized to apply edits to existing music compositions, making it suitable for working with contemporary music as well.

AIVA stands as an impressive AI music generator, continually advancing its capabilities to cater to various creative projects. Its ability to compose original music, generate variations, and simplify licensing concerns makes it a valuable tool for musicians, game developers, filmmakers, and other creative professionals.

Here are some of the main advantages of AIVA: 

  • Many presets and specified music formats
  • Functional free version
  • Ability to edit soundtracks
  • Modify existing tracks

3. AI Music Generators Soundful

Soundful harnesses the power of AI to effortlessly generate royalty-free background music for a variety of applications such as videos, streams, podcasts, and more. With just a click of a button, you can access a wealth of musical options.

The entire process is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Simply select a genre, customize your inputs according to your preferences, and create your tracks. Repeat the process until you find the perfect track that suits your needs. It’s as easy as that.

One of the key highlights of Soundful is the uniqueness of its music. The algorithms employed by Soundful have been meticulously trained note-by-note in collaboration with some of the industry’s most exciting producers and sound engineers. Moreover, as the AI is trained with one-shot samples and possesses a deep understanding of music theory, it ensures that no replicated songs, whether existing or from its own platform, are generated. Users can begin their creative journey with a wide selection of over 50 templates across various genres.

Soundful empowers users to effortlessly access high-quality and original background music through AI technology. Its intuitive interface and commitment to uniqueness make it an ideal choice for those seeking music tailored to their specific projects.

The platform effectively matches the content needs of the following 3 types of users:

  • Producers – Never get stuck creatively again. Generate unique tracks at the click of a button. When you find a track you like, render the high res file and download the stems.
  • Creators – Stop worrying about copyright strikes and start discovering unique, royalty-free tracks that work perfectly with your content.
  • Brands – Stop overpaying for your music. Soundful offers an affordable way to acquire unique, studio-quality music tailored to your brands needs

4. AI Music Generators Ecrett Music

Ecrett Music empowers individuals of all skill levels to generate music clips by leveraging a vast collection of existing songs. With its user-friendly interface and extensive selection of scenes, emotions, and genres, this tool is an excellent choice for both amateurs and professionals.

This AI music generator allows users to compose music suitable for any video or game, and it provides a royalty-free music generator to avoid any licensing issues.

Using the tool is straightforward. Users begin by selecting at least one option from Scene, Mood, and Genre, and then click “Create Music.” The tool generates music based on the chosen preferences, ensuring that each time you use the same settings, you receive a different musical outcome.

Furthermore, users have the flexibility to customize instruments and structures with just a few clicks. Available instruments include Melody, Backing, Bass, and Drum.

Once music is created with Ecrett, users gain access to helpful management features such as Favorites, Download History, Video Upload, and more, providing a convenient way to organize and handle their music compositions.

Ecrett Music stands as a powerful AI-driven music generator, enabling users to easily create personalized music clips. Its versatility, customization options, and useful management features make it a valuable tool for various creative projects and applications.

Here are some of the main advantages of Ecrett Music: 

  • Trial version before subscribing
  • Straightforward and comprehensive user interface 
  • Simple music creation process
  • Multiple subscription plans

5. AI Music Generators Soundraw

Soundraw presents another excellent option for an AI music generator, offering the ability to customize songs with AI-generated phrases and more. The platform leverages a combination of AI technology and a set of manual tools, providing users with a seamless experience to generate and personalize music effortlessly.

One notable feature of Soundraw is its customization capability, enabling users to improvise and fine-tune individual music pieces. While free users can utilize the music generator to create music, unlimited downloads require a subscription.

Soundraw stands as a versatile platform that combines the power of AI and user-friendly manual tools, allowing users to generate and customize new music with ease. Whether for personal or professional use, it offers a range of features to enhance the music creation process.

Here are some of the main advantages of Soundraw: 

  • Easy to use
  • Combines AI compositions and manual tools
  • Plug-in compatible with Google Chrome and Premiere Pro
  • Unlimited downloads with subscription plan

6. AI Music Generators Boomy

Boomy, a pioneering tool in the realm of music generation, plays a pivotal role in democratizing access to music production and breaking down barriers for aspiring musicians. This innovative platform empowers users to create original songs within seconds, offering a unique opportunity to potentially earn streaming revenues from various services.

With Boomy, the process is remarkably simple. By setting a few filters and clicking “Create Song,” the tool’s creative artificial intelligence swiftly writes and produces a full song. Users then have the option to reject or save the generated song. As users engage with this process, Boomy’s AI develops a personalized profile, enabling it to better understand their preferences and consistently deliver music that resonates.

Boomy’s unique value proposition lies in its ability to swiftly generate original songs while opening up possibilities for users to monetize their creations through streaming revenues. It empowers aspiring musicians with a user-friendly platform to explore their creativity and embark on their music production journey.

Here are some of the main advantages of Boomy: 

  • Free and subscription versions
  • Submit music to earn revenues on platforms like YouTube and TikTok
  • Access to many features and functionalities
  • Personalized profile

7. AI Music Generators Loudly

With over 170,000 curated audio loops, Loudly’s advanced playback engine combines, warps, and follows chord progressions in real time. Loudly’s unique blend of expert systems and generative adversarial networks ensures musically meaningful compositions. Collaboration between Loudly’s music team and ML experts fuels their success.

Easy to use tool that will create AI-generated songs in a matter of seconds:

  1. Build your song: Select genre and other options to make your music unique.
  2. Generate tracks: Get new music tracks fast and listen to your creations.
  3. Save and download: Select the ones you like, add to your library or download immediately.

Here are some of the main benefits of Loudly:

  • Easy to use
  • High-quality output
  • Multiple subscription plans (including a free one!)
  • Rapidly evolving

8. AI Music Generators OpenAI  – MuseNet

OpenAI, a prominent player in the AI industry, offers their own online AI music generation tool called MuseNet. With MuseNet, users can enjoy the generation of songs with up to ten different instruments and explore music across 15 different styles, as highlighted by the company.

A distinctive feature of OpenAI’s MuseNet is its ability to mimic renowned composers such as Mozart, as well as contemporary composers of today. The tool harnesses the power of a deep neural network, trained on data acquired from various internet sources. This training allows MuseNet to evaluate music over extended periods of time, enhancing its understanding and ability to generate compositions.

It’s important to note that while MuseNet has an extensive collection of music samples available on platforms like SoundCloud, it currently does not offer the capability to generate custom music compositions. Users can enjoy a wide range of AI-generated music created by MuseNet, but the tool does not support user-generated content at this stage.

OpenAI’s MuseNet stands as an impressive AI music generation tool, capable of producing compositions across various instruments and styles. Its ability to mimic famous composers and leverage a deep neural network makes it a valuable resource for exploring and appreciating AI-generated music.

Here are some of the main advantages of MuseNet:

Many different samples available
Mimics old and modern composers
Deep neural network
Evaluates music over long periods of time

9. AI Music Generators Amadeus Code

Concluding our list of top AI music generators is Amadeus Code, an iOS-based app designed to cater to music enthusiasts of all backgrounds. With this user-friendly app, users can effortlessly create new melodies within minutes.

Amadeus Code relies on a powerful AI engine that encompasses chord progressions from renowned songs across the globe. Leveraging these chord progressions, users can construct fresh musical compositions with unique structures.

This AI music generator also offers the ability to utilize gestures for creating entirely new songs or recreating specific segments from previously composed pieces. Users have the option to export their creations as audio and MIDI files to audio editing software; however, it is necessary to purchase the songs they wish to retain.

Amadeus Code stands as an exceptional AI music generator, providing a seamless experience for users to generate original melodies. Its integration of chord progressions from famous songs and gesture-based composition features make it an invaluable tool for music creation.

Here are some of the main advantages of Amadeus Code: 

  • Can be exported as audio and MIDI files
  • IOS-based app
  • Create new melodies in minutes
  • Use gestures to create brand new songs

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