10 “Best” AI Video Generators (Text-to-Video)

10 “Best” AI Video Generators: Video content has become essential for businesses and content creators aiming to thrive in today’s visually-driven landscape. Reports indicate that over 80% of online traffic comprises videos, and an increasing number of people prefer it over text and images when consuming online content.

To reach audiences effectively, most online publishers rely on social networks, where video content offers greater organic reach compared to other formats. However, historically, producing and distributing video content has been both time-consuming and expensive.

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming this scenario by making video generation easier than ever before. Simultaneously, the availability of a wide range of AI video generators has made creating video content more accessible than ever.

Here are some of the top AI video generators currently available on the market:

1. AI Video Generators Pictory

Pictory is an AI-powered video generator that offers a user-friendly experience for creating and editing high-quality videos. One of its key advantages is its accessibility, as it doesn’t require any prior experience in video editing or design.

The process begins by providing a script or article that forms the foundation for your video content. For instance, Pictory can transform your blog post into a captivating video suitable for social media platforms or your website. This functionality is particularly beneficial for personal bloggers and companies aiming to enhance engagement and content quality. As Pictory operates in the cloud, it is compatible with any computer system.

Pictory also facilitates effortless video editing through text, making it ideal for refining webinars, podcasts, Zoom recordings, and more. Its user-friendly interface ensures quick results, enabling you to deliver professional outputs within minutes. These results contribute to audience growth and brand building.

Additionally, Pictory offers the valuable feature of creating shareable video highlight reels. This functionality proves advantageous for those seeking to develop trailers or share short clips on social media platforms. Furthermore, Pictory allows for automatic video captioning and summarization of lengthy videos, adding to its impressive array of features.

Here are some of the main features of Pictory: 

  • Video based on articles or scripts
  • Edit videos using text
  • Create shareable video highlight reels
  • Automatically caption and summarize videos

2. AI Video Generators Synthesys

At the top of our list of exceptional AI video generators is Synthesys, a leading company dedicated to developing algorithms for text-to-voiceover and commercial video production. Synthesys aims to empower users in enhancing their video content, such as explainer videos and product tutorials, within a matter of minutes. Leveraging their Synthesys Text-to-Video (TTV) technology, the company seamlessly transforms scripts into captivating multimedia presentations.

Synthesys enables creators and companies to generate videos utilizing cutting-edge lip-syncing AI video technology, eliminating the need for cameras or film crews. With a wide range of 140+ available languages, users can simply select an avatar and input their script, resulting in the production of high-quality videos.

The tool boasts an impressive collection of 69 real “Humatars” and a voicebank featuring 254 unique styles. Furthermore, it offers extensive customization options, an intuitive interface for easy editing and rendering, and the ability to produce high-resolution output.

Synthesys stands out as a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for transforming text into engaging videos, providing users with an array of features to create professional-grade content effortlessly.

Here are some of the main features of Synthesys: 

  • 69 real Humatars
  • 140+ languages and 254 unique styles
  • Excellent tool for explainer videos, eLearning, social media, and product descriptions
  • Easy-to-use interface

3. AI Video Generators Synthesia

Synthesia, another remarkable AI video generator, offers a powerful platform for swift video creation using AI avatars. This platform encompasses an extensive array of features, including support for over 60 languages, diverse templates, a screen recorder, a media library, and much more.

Synthesia has gained recognition by being utilized by renowned global entities such as Google, Nike, Reuters, and BBC.

With Synthesia, the need for complex video equipment or elaborate filming locations becomes obsolete. Users can select from a broad range of over 70 diverse AI avatars, and even obtain an exclusive AI avatar tailored to their brand. In addition to the pre-existing avatars, users have the option to create their own custom avatars.

The AI voice generation feature simplifies the process of obtaining consistent and professional voiceovers, which can be effortlessly edited with a simple click. These voiceovers also include closed captions for enhanced accessibility. Once users have selected their avatar and voiceover, they can swiftly produce high-quality videos within minutes, utilizing more than 50 pre-designed templates. Furthermore, users can upload their own brand identity assets and access custom-made templates.

Synthesia empowers users to create visually compelling videos with ease, leveraging AI avatars and advanced voiceover capabilities. Its comprehensive set of features and customizable options make it a versatile tool for producing professional-grade videos efficiently.

Here are some of the main features of Synthesia: 

  • 70+ AI avatars
  • 65+ languages 
  • A wide variety of video templates
  • Free media library

4. AI Video Generators Deepbrain AI

The Deepbrain AI tool offers the ability to easily create AI-generated videos using basic text instantly quickly and easily. Simply prepare your script and use the Text-to-Speech feature to receive your first AI video in 5 minutes or less.

There are 3 quick steps to get started they are as following:

  1. First, create a new project. You can start with your own PPT template or choose one of the starter templates.
  2. You can manually type in or copy and paste your script. Contents of your uploaded PPT will be entered in automatically.
  3. Once you select the appropriate language and AI model and finish editing, you can export the synthesized video.

This tool offers the following benefits:

  • Easy find a custom-made AI avatar that best fits your brand.
  • The Intuitive tool is designed to be super easy to use for beginners.
  • Offers significant time savings in video preparation, filming, and editing.
  • Cost-saving in the entire video production process.

5. AI Video Generators InVideo

If you’re seeking a robust AI tool for generating marketing and explainer videos, InVideo is an excellent choice. It eliminates the need for any prior experience in video creation or editing, enabling anyone to dive right into using the tool.

InVideo simplifies the process of creating high-quality videos within minutes by converting input text into captivating visuals. The platform offers a wide selection of professionally designed and animated templates to choose from.

Using the AI video generator is straightforward: you input your text, select the most suitable template or customize your own, and download the final video. The generated video content can be easily shared on popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

InVideo is a popular choice among users for developing various types of videos, including promotional videos, presentations, video testimonials, slideshows, and even memes. Its versatility and user-friendly interface make it a go-to solution for producing compelling video content.

Many users choose InVideo to develop promo videos, presentations, video testimonials, slideshows, and even memes. 

Here are some of the top features of InVideo: 

  • No background in video creation needed
  • Video from input text in minutes
  • Professionally designed templates
  • Share straight to social media

7. AI Video Generators HeyGen

HeyGen is a cuttingedge video platform that empowers users to effortlessly create captivating business videos using generative AI. It offers a seamless experience comparable to creating PowerPoint presentations, catering to various use cases.

This powerful platform enables users to transform plain text into a polished video within minutes, all directly from their browser. Users have the option to record and upload their own voice to create a personalized avatar, or they can simply input the desired text. With a vast selection of over 300+ voices available, users can choose the perfect voice to bring their video to life.

HeyGen offers multiple customization options, including the ability to combine multiple scenes into a single video. Additionally, users can enhance their videos by adding music that aligns with the overall theme.

HeyGen revolutionizes the process of creating engaging business videos by leveraging generative AI. Its user-friendly interface and extensive customization capabilities make it a versatile platform for producing professional-quality videos with ease.

  • Choose from 300+ voices in 40+ popular languages.
  • Pick or upload your favorite music to add that final touch.
  • Make face swap videos and photos.
  • Custom Avatar with your own voice by uploading recordings.
  • Power text to video.

8. AI Video Generators Veed.io

VEED, another notable AI video generator on our list, offers a user-friendly experience that enables individuals with basic computer skills to produce high-quality videos. With VEED, customization is key as you have the ability to personalize text, fonts, colors, music, and much more, resulting in unique and captivating videos. The platform also provides a diverse range of themes to effectively convey specific messages through your videos.

One standout feature of VEED is its effortless transcription capability. With a simple upload of your video, a single click on “Auto Transcribe” generates a transcript that can be easily downloaded.

VEED is trusted by thousands of content creators worldwide for their video production needs across various platforms, including social media. Its browser-based approach eliminates the need for software downloads, and it requires no previous video editing experience. Utilizing the free video editing app, you can conveniently work on creating content directly in your browser.

VEED stands out as a user-friendly and accessible AI video generator, empowering users to create compelling videos while offering customization options and transcription capabilities.

Here are some of the main features of VEED: 

  • Customize text, fonts, colors, music, and more
  • Different themes
  • Transcribe videos with one click
  • No video editing experience required 

9. AI Video Generators Colossyan

Colossyan is at the forefront of companies developing tools that harness the power of AI and machine learning algorithms to facilitate video production. Their innovative tool is designed to make the process of creating video content more accessible and user-friendly, catering to various purposes ranging from HR training videos to YouTube clips.

This video generator offered by Colossyan provides users with a diverse selection of avatars to choose from. Users can furnish the chosen avatar with a script, enabling the generation of engaging videos. Notably, once the initial video is created, users have the ability to target different regions effortlessly. This is achieved through an auto-translation feature that can translate the entire video with just a simple button press. Additionally, users can easily modify accents and clothing of the avatars. With a vast selection of over 120 languages available, users can reach a wider audience.

Colossyan’s video generator represents a significant advancement in leveraging AI and machine learning for video production. Its broad range of avatars and seamless auto-translation functionality empower users to create compelling videos while effectively targeting different regions and languages.

Here are some of the options:

  • Pick from our selection of commercially available synthetic AI presenters to connect with your audience.
  • Add Subtitles to your AI videos.
  • Personalize videos with different accents.
  • Enhance video messages through screen recordings.
  • Automated Translation.

10. AI Video Generators  Elai.io

Elai.io, operated by a global team of AI technology experts, stands as another prominent AI video generator that empowers users to create a diverse range of video content from text. With Elai.io, generating videos at scale becomes a seamless process.

The platform offers a straightforward method to generate professional videos from article or blog post links, requiring only three clicks. Users simply copy and paste the URL or HTML text of the desired content, choose a template from the extensive library, review the video, make any necessary adjustments, and finally render and download the finished product.

Elai.io proves especially valuable for users seeking to create training videos without the need for actors, voiceovers, or post-production work. Additionally, it offers the ability to enhance marketing efforts with compelling product videos powered by AI.

With over 60 available languages and a selection of more than 25 avatars, Elai.io provides users with ample options. In addition to choosing from the library of presenters, users can even request a personalized avatar tailored to their specific needs.

Elai.io offers a powerful solution for generating video content with ease, leveraging AI technology. Its extensive features, language options, and avatar selection make it a versatile tool for various applications, including training videos and marketing materials.

Here are some of the main features of Elai.io: 

  • Generate videos at scale
  • Create video from blog or article
  • Over 60 languages and more than 25 avatars
  • Training videos

AI Video Generators Synths Video

Synths Video introduces an exceptional tool that revolutionizes audience engagement. It allows you to effortlessly convert your blog posts into high-quality videos within minutes. With a wide selection of more than 40 human avatars, the platform offers diverse options to suit your needs.

Powered by AI technology, Synths Video generates realistic lip movements that align with the words in the text, creating a natural and immersive viewing experience. The entire process is fully automated, eliminating the need for any editing experience on your part.

To begin using Synths Video, simply write a blog post and upload it to the platform. The tool will seamlessly transform your text into a video format, ready to be directly uploaded to platforms such as YouTube.

Synths Video empowers users to effortlessly convert written content into engaging videos, utilizing AI technology for lifelike lip movements. Its streamlined process and user-friendly interface make it an ideal tool for enhancing audience engagement.

Here are some of the main features of Synths Video: 

  • Transform blog posts into videos
  • Human avatars with over 40 selections
  • Natural-looking lip movements 
  • Entire process automated 

FAQs AI Video Generators

Q: What is an AI video generator?

A: An AI video generator is a tool or platform that utilizes artificial intelligence technology to automatically create or assist in the creation of videos. These generators can generate video content based on input text, provide customizable templates, and even offer features like voiceovers and avatars.

Q: How does an AI video generator work?

A: AI video generators work by utilizing machine learning algorithms to analyze and process input text, images, or other media elements. The algorithms then generate or assist in generating the corresponding video content, including visuals, animations, voiceovers, and other elements, based on the provided input.

Q: What are the benefits of using an AI video generator?

A: Using an AI video generator offers several benefits. It can significantly speed up the video creation process, making it more efficient and saving valuable time. These generators often provide customizable templates, avatars, and other elements, allowing users to create unique and engaging videos without extensive technical skills. AI video generators also help automate tasks such as transcription, translation, and captioning, making video production more accessible and inclusive.

Q: Can AI video generators replace human creativity?

A: While AI video generators can assist in the video creation process, they cannot fully replace human creativity and artistic vision. Human input and creativity are still essential for creating compelling storytelling, unique concepts, and personalized approaches. AI video generators serve as powerful tools that enhance and streamline the creative process, but human intervention and creative thinking remain crucial for achieving truly exceptional video content.

Q: What are some popular AI video generator platforms?

A: There are several popular AI video generator platforms available today. Some well-known examples include Synthesys, Pictory, Synthesia, InVideo, VEED, Elai.io, and Synths Video. Each platform offers unique features, customization options, and user experiences, so it’s recommended to explore and evaluate them based on individual needs and preferences.

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